LITHUANIAN BREAD LAIMAS - 06-0233-003-1 CAPPUCCINO CAKE - 06-0311-063-1


“Laimas” Lithuanian Bread – a traditional Lithuanian bread with characteristic sweet and sour taste with ...


CAPPUCCINO CAKE - 06-0311-063-1

Cappuccino cake is based on exclusive products such as natural coffee extract, full powdered milk, ...

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Credin Polska is a producer of high quality bakery and patisserie mixes, with a widely developed distribution network and technological service for both retail and industrial manufacturers.

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Our offer includes more than 170 products, such as:

  • Improvers for wheat and mixed bakery goods in different application doses, used to obtain a longer shelf-life and a better structure of rolls and breads.
  • A wide range of mixes and concentrates for baking breads, cakes and cookies varied in taste and forms, both everyday goodies and those related to different holidays and their characteristic products.
  • Numerous types of custards and cream-based fillings and toppings as well as products used for decorating and finishing patisserie goods.
  • A variety of thermo-stable fruit jelly fillings, milky & creamy fillings and extended shelf-life fruit fillings.
  • Margarines and fats for professionals.


          We do our best to gain your trust with highest quality products, competitive prices and professional commercial and technological service. We continuously strive to meet your needs and expectations by widening our offer with new assortment and improving our existing products. Undoubtedly, certifications confirming that we have introduced the Integrated Quality Management System compliant with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001norms, are the best evidence of our efforts. These certifications are a warranty of health security for Credin products. Both certifications were awarded to us by DEKRA CERTIFICATION.

____________________ Certyfikat DEKRA ISO 9001:2008__________Certyfikat DEKRA ISO 22000:2005


Modern quality management systems have a significant impact on the high quality of products, starting from a very accurate quality control for raw materials up to the manufacturing process in a modern facility. We guarantee the quality of the final product by regularly supervising the quality of the baked product, by analysing organoleptic features and other characteristics of each assortment.


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Credin allocates large amounts of money to develop the company and extend its product range to match the newest trends and nutritional tendencies. A great example here is the clean-label philosophy, consisting in replacing widely used emulsifiers with environment-friendly enzymes which are safe and naturally deactivate during baking.