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Credin Polska is a producer of high quality bakery and confectionary mixes, with a widely developed distribution network and technological service for both retail and industrial manufacturers.

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Find out more about the wide range of Credin Polska sp. z o.o. products

Credin Polska Sp. z o.o. 

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Cappuccino Cake is based on exclusive products such as natural coffee extract, full powdered milk, natural milk preparation with fudge caramel flavour, excellent quality coffee aroma selected from several dozens of propositions, natural sweat cream aroma with a hint of natural vanilla.
- easy and fast to prepare
- mixing time is only 2 minutes
- varied and versatile use
- specific taste and smell of cappuccino coffee
- fluffy, delicate and regular crumb
- beige colour with frozen shine soft line cake with extended shelf-life


CREAMY CAKE - 06-0311-064-0

Cream Cake is a pound cake type with the addition of delicate sweet cream. With the use of the newest technological knowledge the mixture was also developed based on enzymatic ...

CREAMY CAKE - 06-0311-064-0 more...


“Laimas” Lithuanian Bread – a traditional Lithuanian bread with characteristic sweet and sour taste with whole caraway seeds. The recipe is enriched by the addition of multi fruit marmalade, rye ...

LITHUANIAN BREAD LAIMAS - 06-0233-003-1 more...


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